Eagle Soaring a Sunburnt Country


Melanie Hava, Eagle Soaring a Sunburnt Country on canvas

Medium: Mixed medium on canvas ready to hang

Size: 76 x 100 cm 

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Melanie Hava Aboriginal name: “Winden” – green pigeon

Melanie is feeling close with the spirit of rainforest and reef animals and this is coming out in my work. In her paintings the patterns, gold leaf and occasional Swarovski crystal are some things that since her visit in Austria inspire her work!

The painting shows a modern Aboriginal style with very bright colours and some details are
accentuate with golden paint.


Please note: due to the differences in lightning of the photo what you get might be different in colour than what you see on your screen.

COPYRIGHT: Even if you purchase the original there is strictly a copyright from the artist.

OVERSEA ORDER: Before set an order please contact us to discuss the postage cost

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